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With more than 40 years of experience, Pattyn is specialised in

automated solutions to safely pack and weigh fill industrial products into

5-30kg containers or pallet sized containers.


Turnkey solutions for industrial packaging


Case erecting

Bag inserting

Weigh filling

Bag closing

Case closing

Combined solutions

If you require a bag

inserter which offers

maximum convenience,

high performance or

handles different types of

special flm, we have the

appropriate solution

for you.

The case erector forms

perfectly rectangular

cartons, guaranteeing

a trouble-free

packaging process.

According to your

application and required

flling capacity, we can

provide a semi-liquid

weigh filler, a linear filler

for bulk solids or a

tobacco weigh fller.

Protect your bulk products with the innovative bag closers, which automatically close the bag by folding, sealing or vacuum sealing.

The case closer automatically folds the top case flaps and closes them with

tape or hot melt.


Pattyn also developes combined packaging machines: such as the case erector-bagmaker inserter and the all-in-one bag inserter, hopper & bag sealer



  • Edible oils and fats
  • Fish & meat
  • Fruit, vegetables & nuts
  • Solid chocolate
  • Powders & food ingredients
  • Caps & food packaging
  • Preforms & resins
  • Tobacco
  • Other


Services from A to Z


Pattyn is a full service and solutions provider which considers customer service in all aspects of its business. Before, during and after start-up of your project, you benefit from full personalized & professional support.



We care about your investment and the continuity of your line. Our ultimate goal is to increase the ROI of your current packaging solution and to make you 100% satisfied.


Satisfied Customers


Pattyn provides packaging solutions that reinforce their customers’ competitive strengths and is the preferred supplier to a large base of loyal and satisfied customers worldwide.


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